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(a) The Preferred Stock which is the subject of the Placement shall consist of that number of shares (i) equal to a minimum aggregate amount of $2 500 000 (the "Minimum Amount") divided by a purchase price of the lower of: (A) $2 80 per share of Preferred Stock or (B) the price equal to a thirty (30) percent discount to the ten (10) day volume weighted average price of the Common Stock

JVP Health Advisory Council

On the ground next to it were a great heap of ruqsacks and suit cases I found mine and was horrified that they had broken into my baggage and took almost everything from it – all clothes clean and dirty my camera my second mobile my books my Bible all the medicines I brought for the participants and myself my toiletries

Public Health Accreditation Board Standards and Measures

4 PUBLIC HEALTH ACCREDITATION BOARD Standards Measures VERSION 1 5 APPROVED DECEMBER 2013 Documentation continued • Health Departments may share functions or services with other governmental agencies For example environmental public health is a function that is sometimes provided by another state or local agency There are a number of PHAB standards and measures that

Star Trek: First Contact Script at IMSDb

Geordi points to a photo of the ship -- a worker is walking in front of the throttle assembly blocking most of it from view GEORDI You can almost see the throttle assembly in this one but this guy walked in front of it when they took the picture

The California Oyster Industry

He found some pollution near the sewer outfalls of towns along the west side of the bay but no serious pollution of water over the oyster beds The fact that oysters were held in the bay off South San Francisco until about 1940 indicates some parts of the bay were clean from a public health standpoint However the Pacific oysters planted in the 1930's did not grow well and the native oysters


An audit includes examining on a test basis evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management and evaluating the overall financial statement presentation We believe that our audits provide a reasonable basis for the opinion expressed above /s/ PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP St

Expospeak Gag

27-1-2020A joke based on describing something mundane using such technical language that it TongWeis the audience a while to work out what's being talked about (though a Translator Buddy usually catches it right away) Mostly limited to Speculative Fiction where it can be seamlessly slotted into the standard Expospeak but occasionally turns up in other genres especially when the characters are meant

Tracking COVID

Operators of a farm in Norfolk County say 164 migrant workers have tested positive for COVID-19 The first worker at Scotlynn Farms was diagnosed last week CTV has more While Ontario's case numbers go up Quebec's seem to be falling The province reported 239 new cases of COVID-19 That's the lowest since March 21 There are now a total


Smith discusses the costs and benefits of co-determination--the idea of putting workers on corporate boards The conversation then moves to a lively discussion of wages and monopoly power and how the American worker has been doing in recent years Noah Smith talks with host Russ Roberts about corporate control wages and monopoly power

Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching

Effective monkeywrenching involves examining every step in the processing of old-growth timber from mountainside to mill door Since metal detectors are often used to locate nails old fence wire and other scrap metal in logs before milling observe this process from a safe distance to see if you can infiltrate the work area at night and insert your pins after the metal detection phase


(34) Water pollution control state account means the water pollution control state account of the Clean Water Fund created under section 22a-477 as amended by this act (35) Water pollution control federal revolving loan account means the water pollution control federal revolving loan account of the Clean Water Fund created under section 22a-477 as amended by this act


(We stock them all by the way including the directly seasonal The Garden the Curtain and the Cross: The True Story of Why Jesus Died and Rose Again which we featured last year ) This new one is of course playful and artful and a bit funny and so clever as it recounts Jesus' own parable about a Master who comes back to — surprise — serve his waiting servants The story starts telling

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois

suit may be filed in the circuit court for the county where the public body has its principal office or where the person denied access resides (c) Where the denial is from a municipality or other public body except as provided in subsection (b) of this Section suit may be filed in

The Leader

The Personal Protective Equipment or PPE shortage is a massive crisis affecting our entire NHS and care providers In this special edition of the Leader: Coronavirus Daily we've spoken to some of a small but growing army of volunteers who are using 3D printers to do what they can to help out

Why Fukushima death toll projections are based on junk

A second worker a technician in his late 30s who was also on site at the time of the earthquake narrated what happened "It felt like the earthquake hit in two waves the first impact was so intense you could see the building shaking the pipes buckling and within minutes I saw pipes bursting Some fell off the wall Others snapped

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois

suit may be filed in the circuit court for the county where the public body has its principal office or where the person denied access resides (c) Where the denial is from a municipality or other public body except as provided in subsection (b) of this Section suit may be filed in

Living on Earth: November 2 2018

Air Date: November 2 2018 FULL SHOW (stream/download) as an MP3 fileSEGMENTS Your Health And Fluoride (stream / mp3)Most public water supplies in the United States add fluoride to reduce tooth decay and the CDC calls water fluoridation one of the greatest public


CHEMISTRY Where and when did chemistry originate? Some chemists would identify ancient Egypt as the birthplace of chemistry because of that culture's glassworks cosmetics and mummification techniques Advocates of this theory might also refer to a possible etymology of the word chemistry from the Egyptian word for black Other historians place the origins of chemistry amid ancient Greek


DESCRIPTION ----- ----- 3 1 Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation of the Registrant (filed as Exhibit 3(1) to the Company's Registration Statement on Form S-1 as amended Registration No 33-40128 filed with the Commission on May 8 1991 (the Registration Statement) and incorporated herein by reference) 3 2 By-Laws of the Registrant (filed as Exhibit 3(2) to the Registration

Uniting Western States

Former Child Protective Investigator Carlos Morales Exposes CPS's Corruption Kidnapping and Drugging of Children He explains the incentives that the State gives to destroy families and what to do if CPS comes after you your friends and your community Montana's Pro-Gay CPS Workers Kidnap Children of Christian Parents

Modelling 2019

US stock prices have fallen 6% in the past two days Popescu said there was also a serious shortage of personal protective equipment such as face masks The health and human services secretary Alex Azar asked for $2 5bn in emergency funding He said the country currently has a stockpile of 30m surgical masks but his department estimated that 10 times that number could be needed (The

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea's environmental concern includes pollution global warming and the loss of the nation's forests Coastal waters are polluted with sewage and residue from oil spills The nation has 801 cu km of renewable water resources of which 49% of the annual withdrawal is used to support farming and 22% for industrial activity

Skepticism 'requires high cognitive ability strong

Stephan Lewandowsky tried to make climate skeptics look stupid (by not even bothering to sample them but impugning their beliefs as irrational from out of population samples) this study turns the tables on his execrable work and suggests that climate skeptics are both analytical and rational


Class A Common Stock $ 001 par value 7 252 068 Shares Outstanding as of February 9 2001 Class B Common Stock $ 001 par value 17 021 373 Shares Outstanding as of February 9 2001 BEASLEY BROADCAST GROUP INC FORM 10-K ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE PERIOD ENDED DECEMBER 31 2000 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page ---- Part I--Financial Information Item 1 Business 1 Item 2

Articles 2000

Democratizing our Youth: Citizenship Community and Governance Ryan McVeigh and Jennifer Barnett Abstract In this paper we argue that the inherent flaw in the current Ontario civics curriculum is that it is too heavily influenced by the functional aspects of what is Canada rather than giving the opportunity to experience the emotional qualities of what it means to be Canadian

Court of Appeals of ia Published Opinions in PDF

Court of Appeals of ia Published Opinions These opinions are available as Adobe Acrobat PDF documents The Adobe Acrobat Viewer (free from Adobe) allows you to view and print PDF documents 1539193 Dustin Clinton Delp v Commonwealth of ia 06/30/2020 Judgment of trial court affirmed because appellant's guilty pleas waived his right to appeal the issue concerning trial court's

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Auxiliary data src/public/js/zxcvbn js This package implements a content management system with security features by default It provides a blog engine and a framework for Web application development Its features include: - Digitally signed automatic security updates - The community is always in control of any add-ons it produces - Supports a multi-site architecture out of the box - Designed

The California Oyster Industry

Oystering in San Francisco Bay was completely abandoned in the late 1930's due chiefly to industrial and domestic pollution of the bay and large-scale oystering developed in Morro Bay and Humboldt Bay beginning in the mid-1950's of the remaining oyster producing bays in the San Francisco area Drakes Estero is being fully developed but Tomales Bay has been declining in recent years

Why cosmopolitanism is utopian but useful nonetheless

On the topic of Swiss immigration restrictions Bryan Caplan has an interesting (but I think quite wrong) recent post about the recent immigration vote in Switzerland He writes: The main hurdle to further immigration is insufficient immigration If countries could just get over the hump of status quo bias anti-immigration attitudes would become as socially []

The Factories Act 1948

A worker whose service commences otherwise than on the first day of January shall be entitled to leave with wages at the rate laid down in clause (i) or as the case may be clause (ii) of sub-section (1) if he has worked for two-thirds of the total number of days in the remainder of the calendar year 1[(3) If a worker is discharged or dismissed from service or quits his employment or is


(c) The attorney general may bring suit on a surety bond against the sureties without making the person who is the principal obligor a party to the suit (d) Venue for a suit under this section is in Travis County Acts 1981 67th Leg p 1558 ch 389 Sec 1 eff Jan 1

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